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Features of SMSF Loans

Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement (LRBA)

Lender only has recourse to the asset being purchased with the loan (not the rest of the SMSF).


The asset you’re purchasing with the loan serves as security for the loan.

Loan-to-Value Ratio (LVR)

Lenders typically require an LVR of 70% or less for SMSF loans.

Repayment Terms

Usually shorter than typical home loans, usually between 15-25 years.

Interest Rates

Interest rates for SMSF loans are generally higher than for regular home loans due to higher risk to the lender.

Borrowing Capacity

Limited by the amount of funds available in the SMSF and the asset you’re purchasing.

Obtain the Right SMSF Loan For You

Finance your next SMSF investment
Are you looking to invest in property or other assets for your self-managed super fund? An SMSF loan can provide the financing you need to make your investment dreams a reality. At Absolut, our expert brokers specialise in listening to your circumstances and then sourcing the best SMSF loan options for you. We’ll scour the market for loans with competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options, so you can find the perfect loan to fit your SMSF needs and budget. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you secure the financing you need for your SMSF investments.
What is the purpose of an SMSF loan?
SMSF members like you have greater control over retirement savings and can make investment decisions tailored to individual needs and goals. This flexibility means you can invest in various assets, including shares, property, and managed funds, and borrow money to purchase assets through a limited recourse borrowing arrangement (LRBA). Getting the right loan can provide financing to members of your SMSF to purchase assets that the SMSF would not otherwise be financially out of reach. The right investment decisions within an SMSF can help secure your financial future. That’s why we take great care to listen to your needs and help you with your journey.

Your Partners On Your Investment Journey

Why might you consider an SMSF loan?
An SMSF loan can effectively allow you and your fellow SMSF members to invest in property and other assets, diversify your portfolio, gain tax deductions, and achieve long-term capital growth. However, seeking expert advice and ensuring that an SMSF loan is appropriate for your circumstances before applying is essential. That’s why we take great care to offer that personal touch that demystifies SMSF loans. We explore all the intricacies of a complex SMSF loan and ensure you can make well-informed decisions about your financial future.
With you through every stage
There are a lot of options and plenty of variations when it comes to SMSF loans. This variety can intimidate investors, but the choice is a blessing. We offer a holistic service that acts as a guiding hand through every step, from considering options to applying for and obtaining your loan. We’ve been helping customers and clients obtain all sorts of financing since 2016, and our ex-banker brokers know the loan industry inside out. Over time, we’ve come to understand our personalised approach that leverages this industry experience is the best way to serve our customers. Let us apply this holistic service and expertise to help you find an SMSF loan that’s perfect for you and your members.

Let us navigate the complex SMSF loan market for you

Let our expert professionals guide you through every step of the SMSF loan application process, helping you gain the financing to make those investment dreams a reality.

Why Absolut?

Why ask us to help with your SMSF loan?

Personalised Service

We’ll find a tailor-made solution for you and your SMSF members.

Industry Knowledge

We’ll leverage considerable expertise in the loan industry for you.

Approval Rates

98% loan approval rate.


We ensure complete transparency to explain every element of the process.

SMSF Expertise

We’ve helped hundreds of SMSF clients secure financing since our founding in 2016.


Trust an award-winning team to look out for you.


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Awesome stuff

Kristian and the team at Absolut Financial were fantastic in helping us get our finance for our property. We were knocked back at the last minute by a bank and Kristian was able to secure a lender, with excellent rates and had approval within 2 weeks! Highly recommend Absolut Financial.

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Lindsay Stewart

Professionalism, Responsiveness

Kristian did my Finance here for my first home. He held my hand through the whole process and made everything seem easy! I felt as though he gave be a better rate with the best customer service then other brokers I first had dealings with. Highly recommend Absolut Financial!

Testimonial Item

Jason Barbara


Absolut team are well structured and has multiple staff members who assist in financial planning, Investing & property advice. My experience with Kristian was excellent. He went over and above with refinancing my loan with lowest interest rate. Couldn’t be more satisfied with the outcome.

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Quality, Value

I'd like to thank Sabby Bhatia who has been involved in the process of getting me into my new home. This has been a seamless, pleasant and positive experience which I attribute to him. I truly appreciate all of the work put in by him in making this happen for me!

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Talwinder Singh Dhaliwal

Frequently Asked Questions on SMSF Loans

What is an SMSF loan?
An SMSF loan is a way for members of a self-managed super fund (SMSF) to borrow money to purchase an asset, like a property. It’s a bit like a regular home loan, but typical interest rates and repayment terms differ, and the loan is made to the SMSF rather than to an individual.
Who is eligible for an SMSF loan?
You need to be a member of an SMSF and comply with specific superannuation and taxation laws and regulations to be eligible for an SMSF loan. Each lender can have slightly different requirements; speak to one of our experts in SMSF loans to help you navigate the application process.
What are the benefits of an SMSF loan?
An SMSF loan can be a great way to invest in assets that your SMSF wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford and diversify your portfolio leading to long-term growth. With an SMSF loan, you have greater control over your investments and can make decisions to suit your goals and desired risk.
What are the risks of an SMSF loan?
Like any investment, SMSF loans come with risks. There’s the potential for default, the risk of declining asset values, and the risk of breaching superannuation and taxation laws and regulations. That’s why speaking with an advisor who can help you evaluate risk and ensure compliance is critical.
How do I apply for an SMSF loan?
We can help you understand the application process and guide you through the necessary steps to secure financing for your SMSF investments. It’s important to work with someone who has experience in this area, as SMSF loans can be complex and require specialised knowledge.