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Commercial Loans

Whether you need a commercial loan for working capital, an equipment purchase, or a real estate acquisition, let our expert team find you the best commercial loan.

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Features of a Commercial Loan

Loan Amount

Usually large sums of money, sometimes running into millions.

Repayment Terms

From a few months to several years or even decades.

Interest Rate

A higher level of risk means higher interest rates than personal loans.


Usually required to reduce lender’s risk.


Will determine eligibility.


Will often determine the terms of the loan.

Complex Commercial Loans Are Our Specialty

What exactly is a commercial loan?

Businesses or organisations apply for commercial loans to fund operational needs or expansion. You can use a commercial loan to get funds to acquire real estate, purchase some costly equipment, or finance working capital.

Because of the large amounts involved with commercial loans and the higher risk for the lender, they often come with higher interest rates, stricter eligibility criteria and the need to put up collateral.

All of this means the stakes are higher to get a suitable commercial loan that’s just right for your circumstances.

Commercial loans demystified

Are you considering applying for a commercial loan? At Absolut, we understand the process can be complex; you have limited time and resources to investigate your lending options and navigate the complex process.

That’s where we come in.

At Absolut, we pride ourselves on our excellent service as we guide you through every step of the application process. We’ll take the time to source the best loan products available for your unique needs and detail all the intricacies to help you make informed decisions.

We Have The Utmost Confidence In Our Service

A trusted brand

At Absolut, we’re immensely proud of our customer service levels. We consider ourselves partners in your venture as we help you navigate the commercial loan market, compare your options, and ultimately get approval for the best commercial loan to help your business thrive. It’s this personal touch that sets us apart.

And we put our success down to that award-winning service, having twice received recognition at the Australian Brokerage Awards in 2021 and 2022.

As we continue to grow, we’ll continue to build our portfolio of business owners who trust us to source the best commercial loan packages available.

Extensive experience

We’ve been scouring lending options for the best commercial loan products since 2016. Since then, our knowledgeable group of ex-banker brokers have honed their skills in sourcing commercial loans for thousands of satisfied clients.

Our commercial loan professionals specialise in structuring complicated loan packages to help your business grow, and we’ll go the extra mile to offer guidance and insights every step of the way. With this vast experience, we’re sure to be able to apply our expert eye to your specific circumstances.

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Let us do all the hard graft for you.

Let the expert professionals at Absolut guide you through every step of the process toward getting your commercial loan approved.

Why Absolut?

Why you should trust us with your commercial loan application

Personalised Service

Your broker is your partner, guiding you personally through the process.

Industry Knowledge

Our ex-banker brokers know the industry inside out – and will pass that expertise to you.

Approval Rates

98% loan approval rate.


We are open and upfront about how we build your commercial loan application before presentation to a lending institution.

Commercial Loan Expertise

Commercial loans are our bread and butter, with years of experience putting together applications for clients like you.


As a nationally-recognised brokerage, we must be doing something right!


Here's what our clients have to say about their experience with Absolut Financial

Awesome stuff

Kristian and the team at Absolut Financial were fantastic in helping us get our finance for our property. We were knocked back at the last minute by a bank and Kristian was able to secure a lender, with excellent rates and had approval within 2 weeks! Highly recommend Absolut Financial.

Testimonial Item

Lindsay Stewart

Professionalism, Responsiveness

Kristian did my Finance here for my first home. He held my hand through the whole process and made everything seem easy! I felt as though he gave be a better rate with the best customer service then other brokers I first had dealings with. Highly recommend Absolut Financial!

Testimonial Item

Jason Barbara


Absolut team are well structured and has multiple staff members who assist in financial planning, Investing & property advice. My experience with Kristian was excellent. He went over and above with refinancing my loan with lowest interest rate. Couldn’t be more satisfied with the outcome.

Testimonial Item


Quality, Value

I'd like to thank Sabby Bhatia who has been involved in the process of getting me into my new home. This has been a seamless, pleasant and positive experience which I attribute to him. I truly appreciate all of the work put in by him in making this happen for me!

Testimonial Item

Talwinder Singh Dhaliwal

Any questions about commercial loans?

What are the terms of a commercial loan?
There’s no one-size fits all answer – the terms of a commercial loan will change depending on the lender and the specific needs of the borrower. The loan amount, repayment period, interest rate, collateral requirements, and fees will all vary.
What factors do lending institutions consider when approving commercial loans?
A bank or other lending institution will consider your creditworthiness, financial history, business plan, collateral, and the purpose of the loan to make a decision on whether to approve. 
How do I prepare for a commercial loan?
You should gather and organise all relevant financial and business documents, such as tax returns, financial statements, and business plans, to prepare for a commercial loan. It’s also a good idea to improve your credit report. Of course, Absolut can guide you through the preparation process.
What is the typical interest rate on a commercial loan?
Expect the interest rate on your commercial loan to be higher than a consumer or personal loan. However, interest rates can vary broadly depending on your creditworthiness, the loan’s purpose, and other factors.
What’s the difference between a commercial loan and a business loan?
Both terms refer to a case in which a bank or lending institution lends money to a business rather than an individual person. Business loans tend to refer to small amounts lent to small businesses, whereas commercial loans refer to larger amounts lent to medium-large businesses.